Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Shopping Adventure

Hi everyone!

Ok so for those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter I mentioned something about some great buys I did last week. I was going to post this sooner but I was a little swamped. So here we go!

As I walked into CVS I saw so many new cute things that have been put up for the holidays. Some of these items will make GREAT holiday gifts for someone you know. I came across two different nail polish sets from Wet N Wild. You get 8 nail polishes and a nail file for $4.99!!!!! You can't beat that!!!!
I love the fact that WNW has reformulated all of their products. So you get great quality at a fraction of the price. Needless to say I went with the one with the darker colors and the purple nail polish. For me of course. The other set will be for gifts  =)  You can give these out or if you want to take it out and incorporate it into another gift I say that's a great idea!

I also saw this CUTE leopard print makeup bag and I had to get it! So what you can do is buy a makeup bag and add some nail polishes in there or other things and give it out as a gift to someone. Didn't cost too much money only $4.99 and its looks cute! Who can say no to such a beautiful bag!

At Walgreens I saw this OPI collection inspired by the movie Burlesque (Which I can not wait to see!)
The colors are beautiful! I was so tempted in buying a few of them but I didn't. I did how ever take note of the ones I did like and I am going back to get them. (If there are any left)

I also saw a collection inspired by Gossip Girl (its also available at Ulta)

On Saturday I went to Ulta checking out what they have new in their stores I saw this collection from NYX Cosmetics. Its their Smokey Look Collection. All I can say about these shadows is OMG they are SUPER PIGMENTED!!!

Nude on Natural Smokey Eye

Bronze Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

And My FAVORITE!!!!!

Purple Smokey Eye

I played with the blue shadow in the purple pallet and I was trying to rub it off and it wouldn't come off!!! Look at this!!!! 

This is GREAT quality and its only $11.99 you get 9 eye shadows and 2 lip sticks as well. You really can not beat it. I'm going back for the purple smoke they were out of it that day. =(

I'm not sure when this collection from Prestige came out but it turns any eye shadow into an eyeliner. You can already do that by just adding an eye shadow sealer onto any shadow but I'm curious to see how this one works. I might just buy it to test it out. Worse case I can always return it and get my money back. This is a limited edition collection so lets see.

Also for you MAC Holiday shoppers you can now pre-order your merchandise in advance and pick it up on October 28th! They started the pre-sale this past weekend so if you want something I suggest you go visit your local counter so you can look at the catalog and reserve your items.

Sephora Friends and Family Sale 20% off

I'm not sure when it will happen but as soon as I know I will let you know! Rumor is late October or December. As soon as I hear of anything I will let you know. 

Happy Shopping's everyone!


  1. Hiii maria!!i`m ludmila remember me?hahah so please let me kmow where did you see the nyx stuff every time i go usa i never see there..anywhere? :( i`m buying nyx stuff on nonpareil until now.....thanks and great bloggg!! following since today!

  2. Of course I remember you silly! When you come to the states you can buy it at a store called Ulta. Its like a Sephora. You can also buy them on line I'm just not sure if they ship internationally. I would have to look into that.